“Total unadulterated bad-ass” – Electric Juggernaut Review by DTR

Rungu Electric Juggernaut - all purpose utility vehicle

Rungu Electric Juggernaut – All Purpose Utility Vehicle

OK, why the Electric Juggernaut?

  • All of the benefits of an e-bike, plus the off-road control of an ATV
  • Stability and power to ride and tow gear with the same confidence and control on sand and snow as on the road.


Rungu Electric Juggernaut - 2,000 W motor for off-road use

With a 2,000 W electric motor, Rungu Electric Juggernaut rides easily through snow, sand and mud without gas or an oil change.

Like an ATV:

ATV Electric Juggernaut
Traction in snow, mud and sand Yes Yes
More stability than a two-wheel vehicle Yes Yes
Cargo and gear towing capability off-road Yes Yes
Fun to ride Yes Yes

Rungu Electric Juggernaut - off-road towing capability

Electric Juggernaut easily tows three surfboards on soft sand.

Why Electric Juggernaut instead of an ATV?

  • Lighter– at 1/3 the weight of the lightest ATV, it’s easier to maneuver whether riding it or loading it.  At 90 lbs., you can carry it on a bike rack. Yet, it’s powerful enough to get you through mud, snow and sand.
  • Smaller footprint– with the footprint of a dirt bike, you can easily fit two Electric Juggernauts in the space of one ATV.
  • Greener– No gas, no emissions. Electric Juggernaut has less than one tenth of the carbon footprint of an ATV.
  • Cheaper to operate– with no oil changes and gas at two dollars a gallon, an ATV costs twice as much per mile.
  • All-purpose personal transport– as easy to ride on the road as on soft ground, use Electric Juggernaut to get around town.

Rungu Electric Juggernaut - corners like a bike

With two wheels in front, Electric Juggernaut has the stability of a trike with ability to corner like a bike.

What’s the range on one battery charge?

  • If you ride in soft sand or deep snow, 3-5 miles. If you ride on dirt and asphalt and pedal occasionally, the range is 20-30 miles.

What happens if I run out of battery?

  • You still have pedals and small gears that will get you home.

Rungu Electric Juggernaut - Electric Fat Trike - for on-road and off-road use


Why the Electric Juggernaut instead of an electric Fat Bike?

  • Better stability in soft sand and deep snow.The two wheels in front help avoid washouts and will even help you stay upright when you power slide.
  • Higher power. Electric Juggernaut uses a 2,000 W hub motor – three to five times as powerful as most electric Fat Bikes.
  • More torque. Electric Juggernaut hub motor maximizes torque for sand, snow, mud and hills.


Compared to any electric bike:

E-bike Electric Juggernaut
Green energy Yes Yes
Commuting Yes Yes
No problem with parking Yes Yes
Control over pace of ride Yes Yes
Less regulated and less maintenance than a gas powered vehicle Yes Yes


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