Popular Mechanics review of Electric Juggernaut LE

Another great review!

Popular Mechanics writer, Ben Stewart, tests Rungu Electric Juggernaut LE on Trestles beach

Another great review!  Popular Mechanics took the opportunity to test the soon-to-be-released Electric Juggernaut LE.  His online article says great things about Rungu’s newest product.

“Yes, Rungu electric trike is a utility vehicle. While that can sometimes translate as “not fun,” after our afternoon blasting along the shoreline, the fun is very much alive and well.”

New Product Pre-announcement.

Ben tested a production prototype of the Rungu Electric Juggernaut LE.  Ben returned from his test ride with a smile as wide as a Rungu.  It really can be fun and useful at the same time.  The LE has twice the power of the Electric Juggernaut at less than twice the price.  It has the additional feature of an easy-to-remove battery case to make a battery swap a cinch!

Check out the pre-launch specifications here.