New Rungu Website

Welcome to the new Rungu Website.  After many months of effort, the team at Standard Bearer Machines, LLC rebuilt the Rungu website from scratch.

We abandoned traditional navigation to make it easier for you to find which Rungu is right for you.  The main panels on the home page guide you to your use case:  Land Management/Patrol, Snow and All-Weather Commuting, Off-road Fitness, and hunting/fishing. Each use case page has worthwhile links and information to help you decide.

Why Rungu and not an ATV or an E-bike?  Both questions have helpful answers.  Navigate to the E-Bike comparison page or the ATV comparison page to find out.  The E-bike page focuses on the three-wheel advantage of Rungu for off-road, snow or sand riding.  The ATV page includes a calculator to compare the cost of ownership of an ATV versus and Electric Juggernaut.

Finally, we revamped our shop. The main shop page has a filter capability – “help me choose.”  Click on the different filters to narrow down your search for your needs.  From a distance, each Rungu looks the same as the next.  They’re not! If you need details, navigate from the individual product pages to the features and specification pages to see all the differences.

As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate email us at or call at +1 949.877.9755