Rungu in Snow – Assessment for hunters

Late season challenges

Hunters investigating fat-tire e-bikes as back country ATVs often express concern about performance in snow.  Late season hunts can start or end in a snow fall.  How do you extract yourself and your harvest if you can’t stay upright riding a bike in a few inches of snow?   The e-bike that made it easy on fire roads becomes a burden when you try to navigate the snow.

Rungu Rocks Snow

The Rungu design makes riding in snow easy. The physics are explained on the Rungu vs. E-Bike page.  The body of evidence continues to grow.  It started with an article in KSL about the original Electric Juggernaut three years ago.  Most recently, we rode the MDVHC-XR in early-season, wet snow in the mountains surrounding Silverton, Colorado.  The YouTube video shows Keenan (Production Engineer at Rungu) passing through sections that are nine inches deep!  And unlike some of our more technical rides, riding in snow was as easy (and fun) as it looked.

The depth of snow makes a difference when going uphill versus downhill.  The nine-inch-deep section was flat and passable even without the run-up shown in the video. The steepest uphill section we covered was a 22% grade where snow cover was between one and three inches.  At that grade traction became a challenge as there were icy spots beneath the thin snow.  In fact, Keenan made it farther than a 4wd Ford F150 on the same uphill section.  The experience so far suggests a limit at 22% and three inches, with flat to downhill achievable in at least 9” of wet snow.

Buy or Trade In

You can equip and purchase an XR version for yourself and if you already have an e-bike contact us about a trade-in. Rungu is your REAL all-season EV, and we’ll take your trade-in to prove it.  For a limited time, we’ll take trade-ins of competitive fat-tire two wheelers and credit them towards the purchase of a Rungu Electric Juggernaut.  Contact to see if your EV qualifies.