Digital Trends – “Our first take” on the Electric Juggernaut

Digital Trends test rides Rungu Electric Juggernaut

Wes Parrell of Digital Trends spent some time with the team at a recent trade show to test ride the Electric Juggernaut.  He came away impressed.

“Taking the Juggernaut out for a test ride was nothing short of exhilarating. The improvised test track was a blend of hard pack and soft sand patches that were easily traversed by the dual front tires, allowing for stability in soft sand that’s not typically experienced by a traditional single front tire bike. The slightly awkward feeling when turning is quickly overcome, and the throttle was extremely responsive.”

Electric Juggernaut in the Mojave

“Even before Standard Bearer Machines unveils its upgraded models, the current version of this three-wheeled electric beast tames the toughest of trail conditions and leaves you grinning uncontrollably from ear to ear.”

We can’t agree more.

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