Rungu goes where fat-tire e-bikes can't

Rungu Electric Juggernaut takes you places an e-bike will never go. Slick surfaces like soft sand, snow that’s a few inches deep or a couple inches of mud prevent a single front wheel from gripping in a turn.  That’s what causes wipe-outs even on the fattest tires. Two wheels in front guarantee that a wheel is always on the inside of your turning circle gripping where a single tire never will.

Heavier load, safer ride

Rungu stability pays dividends when carrying more load.  Carrying more load above the wheels of a bike makes control more and more difficult.  As the center of gravity rises (carrying more load above the wheels) it takes more effort and control to keep a bike upright.  The extra front wheel on a Rungu compensates for the extra load and makes it easier to control a higher center of gravity in turns, going straight, on and off-road. 


More wheels, more power

Rungu has more power than most e-bikes to take advantage of the stability on soft ground and in the hills – where you need the power most.  The tables below show estimated peak power output for each Electric Juggernaut along with peak input power.  Note that the MDV has a significantly higher torque value at a lower speed – this occurs because the MDV is a geared motor whereas both Hub Drives are Direct Drive (no gearing). 

Power table

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