Spotter Up Review – best qualities of a quad and dirt bike

A stealthy alternative to a quad

“Think of taking the best qualities of a quad and dirt bike and combining them into one.” – Perry Yee, reviewer for Spotter Up.

Electric Juggernaut demonstrating quad capability

US Navy Seal Perry Yee test riding Electric Juggernaut LE in soft sand

Rungu had the great privilege of having former Navy Seal Operator, Perry Yee test ride a prototype of the Electric Juggernaut LE.  He wrote a great review!

Perry’s conclusion – 5 out of 5 stars for performance, functionality, stability and style!  Perry spent a few hours with an LE on soft sand, on local roads and on fire roads with 15%+ grades.  He comments about Rungu’s stability and silence.  Perry drove an ATV in his military career.  He knows what he’s talking about.

The review is comprehensive. Perry discusses his experience and the concepts behind Rungu.  He describes his learning curve with Rungu and that of beginner riders.  Beginner riders and riders who haven’t ridden a bike in decades found Rungu easy to ride.  That observation is consistent with Rungu’s experience.

“No matter who you are, what your hobbies are, or what your activity level is, there is good reason why you should have this product. I highly recommend getting your tush onto one and taking it for a ride if you can.”

Spotter up review - Electric Juggernaut

Electric Juggernaut LE production prototype in the hills of Southern California

The LE has twice the power of the standard Electric Juggernaut and begins shipping in January 2018. LE specifications appear here.