See why Electric Juggernaut out-performs all two-wheelers on soft sand, snow and mud.

Thinking about a recumbent trike? – see the advantages of the Electric Juggernaut

Don’t know which Juggernaut is right for you?

Experience extreme off-road fitness. Rungu Juggernaut (electric and non-electric) gets you through terrain no other bicycle or e-bike will go.  Two front wheels offer float and unparalleled traction in sand, mud, and snow that's impossible for a two-wheeler to achieve.  With Rungu, you don't have to choose - go off-roading AND get in shape.

Get in shape while Off-Roading

With the NEW Electric Juggernaut MDV, you have up to 9 levels of power assist while you pedal to tailor your workout while crawling over rocks, through mud snow and sand.

Skip the Parking Lot

Rungu Electric Juggernaut powers you and your equipment through the snow to the backcountry or through the mud and soft sand to your favorite surf break.

Experience Sand Dunes and OHV trails a whole new way

Use the pedal and throttle (or pedal assist) with a Rungu Electric Juggernaut and amaze yourself by riding on soft sand and conquering 30+ percent grades.

Keep it Green

Rungu Electric Juggernaut has a fraction of the carbon footprint of a car, snowmobile, or ATV.

“Rungu Electric Juggernaut is a lot of fun!  Riding it on fire roads, dirt trails, and the street has been a really good experience.” – David Moriarty, Ladera Ranch, CA

Recommended for Extreme Off-Road Fitness



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