Considering an e-bike for hunting or fishing?

See how the NEW Rungu Electric Juggernaut MDV stacks up!

Special Trade-in offer!

Upgrade from a Rambo or QuietKat by trading one in and get up to $2,500 towards the purchase of a NEW Rungu Electric Juggernaut.  Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or email for more details.

Considering a Quad to get to the backcountry?

See how Rungu stacks up to a Quad ATV

Don’t know which Electric Juggernaut is right for you?

Rungu Electric Juggernaut is quieter, much less expensive to operate than an ATV.  Electric Juggernaut will also get you and your hunting and fishing gear to backcountry through terrain no other e-bike can. All year round. With 375 lbs. carrying capability and an optional tow hitch, Rungu Electric Juggernaut get you, your gear and your game out where no other e-bike can. 


Rungu Electric Juggernaut is quiet. The Rungu Electric Juggernaut MDV motor operates at less than 55db; the LE has completely silent operation.  Even with an aftermarket exhaust silencer, a Quad ATV motor is still generating 70 db of noise.  That is six times louder than the MDV!  Rungu Electric Juggernauts offer true Stealth Off-Roading.


A new Electric Juggernaut costs less than a new Quad ATV to purchase, less to maintain and requires fewer accessories.  At an average price of over $5,500, a new Quad ATV is on par with the Rungu Electric Juggernaut LE and costs thousands more than the MDV.  Quad ATVs also need gas, oil and filter changes, registration and insurance.  None of that with Rungu.  And what about transport?  You can fit three Electric Juggernauts in the bed of a pickup where at best you could fit one Quad ATV.  Save money, buy Rungu!


Face it. E-bikes don’t work in soft sand, mud and snow.  If you hit a patch of soft stuff more than a few yards long, you’re walking the e-bike or you’re white-knuckling across with a high probability of wiping out. Rungu uses two-wheels in front to keep you and your gear under control under like with a quad, but with the weight and size of an e-bike.


Electric Juggernauts can use the Rungu Rear rack to support up to 200 lbs. of load or with the optional 2” ball hitch tow a trailer like a Quad ATV.

“I hunt in the Wasatch mountains.  In mid-season, the sheriff closes the road to the back country when it ices over to stop having to rescue quads and 4x4s that slide off into the adjacent stream.  Locals use snow mobiles to get through, but I use my Electric Juggernaut and it works every time.  I also hunt restricted areas where I can ride my Rungu for two miles on trails and then hike the remaining two miles, saving time and energy. I absolutely love my Electric Juggernaut and highly recommend it. It is fun to ride anywhere. ‘Wow!’ is the response when I pass others.” – Budd Ferre, Salt Lake City, UT

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