Considering an E-Bike for your all-weather commute?

See how the NEW Rungu Electric Juggernaut MDV stacks up!

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Introducing the NEW Electric Juggernaut MDV

Rungu Juggernaut (electric and non-electric) gets you through weather conditions no other bicycle or e-bike will handle.  Two front wheels offer float and unparalleled traction in soft snow, slush and puddles that's impossible for a two-wheeler to achieve. For your winter commute, the electric versions give you adequate power to ride through six inches of snow. 

Performance in Snow

the two front wheels let you carve through soft snow without fear of washing out like a two-wheeled fat bike.

Power when you need it

use the throttle to power you uphill through the soft stuff or whenever you want.

Practical Range

Ride on throttle alone up to 15 miles per charge, or get more than 80+ miles using pedal assist technology with the NEW Rungu Electric Juggernaut MDV

Latest Battery Technology

Full recharge in less than five hours

“The Rungu Electric Juggernaut is an amazing invention.  It’s the perfect vehicle for going five to ten miles over hills, through the snow, on trails and grass.  You get the thrill of riding an ATV or motorcycle without the risk – It’s very easy to use and the extra stability makes me feel I’m not putting myself or my livelihood in jeopardy.  I love it and recommend it 1,000%!” – Dr. Benjamin Kur, Scarsdale NY

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